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Glass perfume bottle
Glass perfume bottle
  • Glass perfume bottle

  • item No : M3604
  • Spring-loaded button ensures sufficient liquid to be sprayed. It is a great convenient, portable size! These refillable bottles?are ideal for essential oil formulas, fragrances,hair solutions, beauty products, plant sprays, bathroom fresheners, DIY hand sanitizer, and many other soluble thin water based face products, hair products and more!These spray bottles are durable, easy to wash and reusable; the preferred quality spray bottles by professionals.
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Detailed description

Good quality Fashion Pollution-free perfume bottle


  • Tight threading prohibits any leaking.
  • High tolerance level to high pressure.
  • The dark blue color helps protect your liquid from UV light
  • Great for misting on perfumes, spritzes, sprays, floral waters and more

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