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HDPE Lotion Bottle
HDPE Lotion Bottle
  • HDPE Lotion Bottle

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  • Shampoo bottle and reusable liquid bottle is a washable plastic bottle. A durable oil bottle with industrial strength plastic for liquids can be used as a house cleaning bottle, decorative food bottle, traveling accessories, body essential oil bottle, hairspray bottle, hair applicator bottle and skin care needs. lotion bottle is a safe non toxic pet plastic bottle
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Detailed description

Good quality Fashion Pollution-free tanning lotion bottle


  1. Eco-friendly,pollution-free and recyclable raw materials selected.
  2. Your customized requirement, logo, design are welcome for production.
  3. Mould, shape, color, capacity and other parameters of tanning lotion bottle can be customized to your request.
  4. Silk Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, Spray Painting, UV Coating, Frosted finish and other artwork skills are available.

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