24mm 28mm White PP Plastic Lotion Pumps - HJ2801

The ultimate in controlled dispensing, these polypropylene Lotion Dispensing Pumps look great and are reliable. Standard pumps lock in down position only.

Additional information

Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China

Material Type




Cap Style

Lotion Pump

Cap Size

24/410 28/400 28/410



What is a lotion pump?

Product Spotlight – Lotion Pumps & Treatment Pumps
Lotion pumps paired with large plastic bottles provide top of the line packaging for hair care products, while treatment pumps match with smaller volume bottles for skin care products, cosmetics, and more.

How does a lotion pump work?

How Does it Actually Work? A lotion pump acts much like a air suction device that draws the product from the bottle to the consumer’s hand despite the law of gravity telling it do the opposite.

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