Acrylic Lotion Airless Bottles

  • Korean style acrylic can and airless bottle, craft color can be customized
  • Withstands altitude changes without leaks- Perfect for travel or home use
  • Works especially well with your favorite jar foundations
  • Airless technology is superior in ensuring your products stay bacteria free and free from shade changing air oxidation

Additional information



Surface Handling

plating, Spray color, Silk screen, Hot stamping, Matte


Many colors can be customized


15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 120ml, 30g, 50g


Acrylic double-layer bottle, Airless bottle, Lotion bottle, Cream bottle

Cream jar:

30G: diameter 53.6mm height 75mm

50G: diameter 53.6mm height 75mm

Press the bottle:

15ml: diameter 36.3mm height 107.3mm

30ml: diameter 42.4mm, height 135.5mm

50ml: diameter 44mm, height 157.7mm

120ml: diameter 44mm and height 176mm

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