AS Lotion Skin Care Airless Bottles

  • Withstands altitude changes without leaks- Perfect for travel or home use
  • Airless technology is superior in ensuring your products stay bacteria free and free from shade changing air oxidation
  • High quality clear plastic, durable, leak-proof, and shatterproof

Additional information



Surface Handling

silkscreen, hot stamp, labeled


Many colors can be customized


10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml


toner, sun block, serum

Product model: HJ106A

Product capacity: 10/15/20/30ML

Product material: middle section bottom ABS cap AS or ABS bottle body AS

Product size:

10ML (height: 97mm, diameter: 26mm, printable height: 31mm)

15ML (height: 113mm, diameter: 26mm, printable height: 46mm)

20ML (height: 127mm, diameter: 26mm, printable height: 60mm)

30ML (height: 163mm, diameter: 26mm, printable height: 94mm)

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