AS Toner Lotion Press Dispenser

  • The pump head design of the toner spray bottle increases the pressing area, reducing hand slip as much as possible, let you to press more effortlessly and easily get the beauty effect you want.
  • The high-quality plastic airless travel bottles has high transparency and is not easy to crack, so that you can safely use it and clearly see the liquid inside.

Additional information



Surface Handling

Bronzing, Hot silver, Silk screen, Matte


Many colors can be customized


15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 80ml, 100ml


Lotion bottle, Essential oil bottle

1.Made of PP & AS, reusable and no harmful.
2.The sprayer suitable for liquid, essences, toners, soothing water, rose water and more.
Do not take in food or drink or liquid such as oil, essential oils, strong acids.
3.Vacuum design, leak-proof and clean, make sure your product will not be polluted.
4.Small size will not take much of your spaces.

Usage Tips:
1.This pump will work perfectly when the product inside reach the vacuum pump.
2. This airless bottle is refillable, you can push the vacuum pump back at the bottom with your finger or a little stick after used.
3. Please don’t wash it with hot water.

How to Exhaust Air
1. Tighten the cap
2. Release the cap a little bit when you use a needle to insert the little hole at the bottom of the bottle
3. The air will come out automatically, tighten the cap and these bottles will work perfectly

Applications: Suitable for travel and daily use, ideal container for makeup liquid products

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