Clear Black White Square PET Bottles

  • MOQ for PET bottles is 10000.
  • Custom color/shape/logo accepted, welcome to consult us with your own design.
  • Pumps/Sprayers/Dispensers are equipped with the bottles.

Additional information



Place of Origin

Zhejiang, China




White/Clear/Dark green/Custom



  1. Dark green, 60ml 100ml, Φ20, disc cap
  2. Clear, 60ml 100ml 120ml, Φ20, flip cap
  3. White, 120ml 160ml 180ml, Φ24, mist sprayer
  4. Clear, 120ml 160ml 180ml, Φ24, lotion pump, plated shell
  5. White, 120ml 160ml 180ml, Φ24, lotion pump
  6. White, 230ml 300ml, Φ24 Φ28, lotion pump
  7. Clear, 120ml 160ml 180ml, Φ24, plated mist sprayer
  8. Clear, 120ml 160ml 180ml, Φ24, plated screw cap
  9. White, 230ml 300ml, Φ24 Φ28, lotion pump


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