Frosted Glass Bottles with Bamboo Dropper and Shell

  • The bottles itself are frosted translucent to see your oils inside clearly and to protect the essential oils.
  • No Leak:Safe, secure and convenient packaging Convenient to Carry.
  • Travel Accessories:Mini Size, Compact and lightweight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for taking during traveling,you can take oils wherever you go.
  • Use: perfume, fragrance, essential oils, aromatherapy oil, liquid medicine other skin-care products.

Additional information


round bottle

Surface Handling

silk screen

Material Type

bamboo, glass


custom color

Industrial Use

cosmetic packaging


15ml 30ml 50ml 80ml

  • Dropper Closures
    The dropper closure has a rubber top which can be squeezed to draw in liquid and expel it in drops.

    Boston Round Bottle
    The boston round bottle features a cylindrical shape, short curved shoulders, and is handle-less. The top of the bottle is threaded to fit screw type caps that are designed to fit to each bottle of various sizes. Bottle colors are available in frosted and non frosted options.

    The Bottle
    If you are bottling light-sensitive products, avoid clear non-colored bottles. Opal, Amber and Cobalt Blue bottles are best for blocking UV. Clear non-colored bottles however, allow for better visibility of your product. Frosted bottles have better UV blocking ability than clear options

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