Luxury Vertical Striped Airless Bottles and Jars Set

  • This special designed tyle of bottle and jar set is suitable for both lotion and cream.
  • Bottle and jar can be purchased seperately.


Additional information


30ml 50ml 100ml 120ml 15g 30g 50g


custom color

Industrial Use

cosmetic packaging

Material Type



round bottle


15g (height: 56.7mm, diameter: 56.1mm)
30g (height: 63.7mm, diameter: 56.1mm)
50g (height: 72.2mm, diameter: 64.3mm)

30ml (height: 123.3mm, diameter: 45.2mm)
50ml (height: 148.2mm, diameter: 45.2mm)
100ml (height: 169.4mm, diameter: 52.8mm)
120ml (height: 194.1mm, diameter: 52.8mm)

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